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Welcome to The Ranch, well its not a true ranch, more a log cabin on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors, but to us it's the next chapter in our adventure.

Andrew is Yorkshire "Born and Bred" - the Moors are part of who he is. I am much more of a nomad. I have lived in many houses, in many different places, and it seems now I have finally settled.

Back in June this year, a chance photography commission led me down a rocky drive to a five bar gate. I stopped, snapped a quick picture, because I couldn't quite believe how perfect it all seemed, and sent Andrew a text " We are Moving" !!! Now if you asked me, was I joking, I would probably pause before giving an answer, Yes, but maybe No.

Andrew is not one for un-neccesary change. We were happy where we were. Why fix it when it's not broke. He likes what he knows and he likes his routine. He must truly dread my random texts. But that is why we work so well together. It is never a flat NO, he will always, consider whatever strange notion I may have had, and the final result is a well considered answer.

And so the discussions started, the whys and the wherefores, the pros and the cons.

My head was full of nothing but positives and the romance of the situation was turning everything a shade of rose. Some grounding was needed. It wasn't just us, but the dogs and the business as well. But still the positives pushed through although they were now situated firmly at the top of a huge mountain.

“It always seems impossible until it's done.” (Nelson Mandela)


We have a new home, and I have the most amazing studio to work and teach from, and whilst everything else was up in the air, I added a new venture to the mix !!!!

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