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Drawer tidies, the things that knives and forks and rubbish go in..... love 'em or hate 'em ?

Personally, I understand the logic of having one but I hate them. They are a breeding ground for odd spoons, rogue forks and single knives, always a lonely knife (bit like socks really.)

Being a "leftie" things are never in the right place, especially if you live with a "rightie.

Now, moving into the ranch last Sunday I realised that there wasn't a "drawer tidy" in any of the drawers, and that I hadn't even thought to get one. So, being the kind of gal that I am, hey, chuck them in and lets freeflow for a while. Random I know. But you will learn, Caro & Random work together.

Andrew, however, is far from random, and from a mans perspective, this may be taking things a step too far. Where, for instance, is the bottle opener ?? It's in there somewhere ......

One comment has been made, for now the drawer remains "untidied" .. but for how long ?

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