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Winter at The Ranch...

I think there is always something a little romantic about snow, especially when you see your new home dusted with a light touch for the first time.

Well last night we had a. dusting that was blown around by a gusty biting wind and I was more interested in stoking the fire than getting the camera out. (but I did whip the phone out, because it would have been wrong not to !)

This morning, what little light there was had that blue "snow" tinge to it.

With the dogs fed and sorted for the day, and just young Nellie to take for her walk, time for some brekkie.

One of my favourites at the moment is a cup of NYR Oganics "Fired Up" tea. A warming blend of feisty ginger with the earthy notes of turmeric and sweet aromatic liquorice to give a spicy kick.

Sat on the deck with my brew, it felt like the world and its' current madness, for just five minutes, had stopped......

And whilst I have sat and typed this, the blue light has turned to grey, the moors have disappeared and it is snowing in earnest - best get Nellie out.

C x

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