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Time for a little pampering.

The older I get, the more my mothers words echo in my ears, "a little bit of exercise goes a long way" and don't forget to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin !!!..

Oh but I had other important things to be getting on with then.

Now, at 50, 7am will find me doing a quick 30 min cardio burn to try and find the slim inner me, and my evening ritual of cleanse, tone and moisturise is going a little way to replenishing my weather beaten, dried out, under nourished skin. Although I fear this may all be a little too late, and honestly, mother does know best.

Joining Neals Yard Remedies last year as a consultant really opened my eyes to the Organic side of beauty, both inner and outer. No more astringent toners that make you skin zing, no more hand cream that slides of instead of sinking in, talcum powder that is fresh with a grown up aroma, even though we all love the smell of Baby Talc, sometimes we need a little more, and tea, that doesn't need milk and settles me into my day.

We also receive amazing support, training and guidance from NYR. Last night was one such event - a group pamper.

Sounds bizzare doesn't it - a group of women, sitting in front of their computers ,pulling hair back, removing their make-up, and applying all sorts of masks and moisturisers - but what a great time we had.

And the end result was one of the best nights sleep that I have had for ages. A long deep sleep.

So we worked through a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, using some of NYR Organics award winning products such as Wild Rose Beauty Balm and their flagship Frankincense Nourishing Moisturiser. The beauty of the range is that it is designed so there is something for everyone.

I had a calming candle lit, some lavender essential oil gentle "wafting"😂 😂 .. (those that know me, know that any calming and wafting probably means overwhelming and gale force, but I most definitely got into the spirit of the evening). We all participated and we all left the evening smiling and relaxed, and glowing with beauty.

Finding ways of staying in touch with friends, and family has been tricky throughout the various lockdowns, but online pamper parties are most definitely the way forward.

Packs may vary depending on the Party..,

I can't wait to send out my Pamper Packages to my Mum, Sister in Law and Niece, so that we can have a fun hour together - I know it will be riotous.

Or the packages heading out to special girlfriends who will appreciate a little 1-21 time.

If you fancy booking an online party, for just you or for you and a group of like minded friends, they are completely free, all you need to do is to commit an hour of your time and relax.

For more information either drop me a line or send a text or give me a call 07798 883142.

In the meantime I am going to practice my facial massage techniques on an unsuspecting Andrew. 😂😂


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Jan 16, 2021

Yahoo I've just learnt how to leave message.

who knew that during the last 50 years Caro my darling daughter ever listened to a word I said !!!! Now I am looking forward to sharing a pamper session, This too is pretty amazing as I until now have had a loathing of anything computer related. Now I am thanking Heaven that because I listened ....... a bit, the dastardly Covid has not stopped me looking at and laughing with my most beloved,

Next lesson is to stay young and beautiful.Swap you for an editing lesson .

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