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Product Review - Neals Yard Remedies Citrus Hand Softener.

Hand creams, lotions, potions and softeners - where to start !!!!.

When I first became an Independent Consultant for NYR Organic, one of my main areas of interest was finding something that would sort my hands out.

Being a photographer, who finds it difficult to wear gloves when shooting, my hands really do take a battering from the elements. A combination of wind and rain, on a cold winters day, is by far the worst, and leaves my hands raw, chapped and aching.

Having just arrived at The Ranch, there are lots of jobs to be done that involve mud, mud and more mud, with some rain and a howling wind thrown in for good measure. Kennels to sort, outside studio area to sort, boxes off, as yet , unopened stuff, to be tackled.

Sunday was an outside studio area kind of day. Grubbing about clearing weeds and mud from the side of the cabin, clearing out the small barn, moving the pile of logs, sweeping the yard and various other chores. A brilliant day with great results to be seen at the end, but, my hands were dreadful by teatime. Covered in mud and grit, thorns in my fingers from an amorous rose and stiff joints. So by the time I had finally removed the outer layer of grime and could see skin, I decided to give my hands a proper treat.

What it says in the catalogue :

Massage this fragrant balm into hardworking hands to deliver a deeply nourishing moisture boost where it’s needed most. Organic Grapefruit, Lemon and Orange Essential Oils have been blended with avocado, blackcurrant seed, coconut and nourishing shea nut butter to revitalise and restore.

  • Intensely nourishing hand softener

  • Revitalising

  • Ideal for dry, cracked skin

The Catalogue got it right !!!.

A nice soak in a bowl of warm water, a good clean of my nails and some Citrus Hand Softener. The first on my list of NYR Hand Creams to test drive.

A lovely sumptuous non-greasy cream in a NYR Blue Jar, that has a lovely light fragrance. I could literally feel my hands sigh with relief.

I used before bed time last night, and again this morning, and my hands are already noticeably softer, and feel more hydrated. The cracks are already lessening in their anger and the my hands are much more comfortable.

I will definitely pop this in my camera bag and using during the day, as although really thick and creamy, there really was no residue to make the camera greasy or slippery.

For full list of ingredients and all the extra info, please have a look on the website.

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