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My "new best friend"....

Session 1 ....

As I sat in my chair, waiting for the day to start, completely unaware how utterly life changing it would be, lots of friends and family, pinged acrossed messages of support.

The one recurring theme was "see the Chemo as your friend". This sounds like a strange and twisted way to view the domestos that was about to be intravenously infused through my veins, but I suppose there is some kind of twisted irony in this.

That which doesn't kill us, make us stronger, and for now it's all about being strong enough to fight this bugger.

I also think I will make a list of Ironic instances - much like Alanis Morrisette and her chap falling to earth in a plane crash ....

My first has to be hair cut. I love it. I must have been 15 the last time my hair was vaguely this short, and I would never have thought to have gone this short.

I definitely wouldn't have been brave enough to do it if there wasn't some kind of inevitability to it, but wow, I don't think I'll ever have it long again.

I also found the label, extremely amusing ...

I'm Clean - they really dont know me at all yet !!!

By the end of 5 hours sat in one chair, I had managed to stick my nice t-shirt together with HoiSin Sauce (seriously, when i stop up to go to the loo, it was stuck solid round my mid-drift!!!)... and also managed to cover the hospitals nice pristine white pillow case in the same sticky resin. Crumbs from the smallest bag of mini cheddars has been lodged down the side of the chair and along the laptops keyboard - in an effort to combat the crumbs and the crappy keyboard situation i have bought a cover which so far seems to be doing a sterling job.

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