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"It's a new dawn, it's a new day ......"

.... and I'm feeling better than I have for a while.

Lots has been going on so thought it was time for an update. The first operation date was set for 28th Oct. and was then shifted to 4th November, this then got cancelled and we were left without a date but just knowing it would be before the end of November. We then got a call to say they had a cancellation and I could go in on the 2nd November - so this is what I did, and I'm now in bed at home with a very large line of staples up my tummy but through the op and out the other side and on the road to recovery.

A long road, 6 weeks + of being very careful about what I do, and if after only 3 days back at home, I am bored, then it's going to be a very loooooong 6 weeks.

The trip into hospital was a little eventful, after the operation, which took around two hours, included a complete hysterectomy and the removal of some other tissues, and which was, according to my surgeon a complete success, I was back on the ward.

I'd had a spinal General Anaesthetic as well as normal GA (just to make sure), so when I came round first time I was still very comfortable. I had a morphine pump attached and a row of other medications and off we went - this isn't so bad, I thought !!!!

However, day two was not nearly such a happy day. After the visit from the surgeon the world went downhill. I couldn't see properly, had terrible vertigo sensation and nausea and just couldn't shake it. It got worse as the day wore on and no amount of hospital food was going to entice me to eat. By the Wednesday evening we reached a breaking point and I was sick - very sick - buckets of pea and mint soup colour sick. I HATE sick with a passion - but not only was I sick being able to heave proved to be very painful indeed. 🙈🙈🙈

SLEEP...... the best and only thing for it.

Thursday morning and I'm still not right so bloods start being taken and the long and short of the next few hours was that I was very anaemic and had a very low tolerance to morphine , which I was by this time filled up with 😂😂😂😂, IV fluids to try and push the morphine through, and a change of medication and by Thursday evening I was contemplating Hallamshires Finest Sausages with onion gravy and roast potatoes !!!!!! (There was even rice pudding for afters.)

Slow progress on the pain front, my zip is definitely sore, and the cutting through all the tummy muscles has left no abilitly to "tense" at all. Some work to be done over the coming weeks.

The hospital staff are a band of angels - they truly are, from the lovely lady that brings you tea and toast at 7.30 to the night staff that are there to make it all better when you throw up in the middle of the night. The doctors, nurses, surgeons and consultants that all have your very best health front and centre of their thoughts for the time you are with them. They really are a crack unit. The NHS !!

So now I am home. I have had a few days laying in bed reading , there is only so much reading you can do, I have lost the mad tiredness from before I went in and generally am starting to feel a whole heap better than I did. It's just a case of looking after the wound, waiting for the 15 or so staples to be removed and to follow up with check ups and various other appointments.

Will there be more chemo, at the moment the surgeon says no, but the oncologist says yes, so we wait and see - whatever they tell me to do I will - best to be belt and braces about these things.

Thank you so much for all your amazing messages of love and support and I'm sorry that lots were answered with a thumbs up or a x .... but rest assured I read them all and they all help make the journey that bit easier.

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Sue Gulliver
Sue Gulliver
Nov 10, 2021

Thankyou for sharing you experiences...............I am so thrilled for you, onwards and upwards. You are getting through the boredom just keep going do as your told all will be well, You wiull soon be out there doing what you love most. The very best to you xx


Nov 10, 2021

So,so glad it all went very well ( apart from the morphine) you MUST do as your told and take it easy ….. brilliant news …. Well done


Nov 10, 2021

Well apart from the reenactment of the exorcist it all sounds bloody marvellous (in the nicest possible way). You are now on the road to recovery and hopefully that will go swiftly. We'll done, best regards and know I am thinking of you......and looking forward to our next session of madness (when you are well enough to cope with us, lol). Onwards and upwards my lovely x x x

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