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Green Grow the Veggies ......

When we moved to the Ranch, one of Andrew's "must haves" was a proper space for his very own "veggie patch".

Well it didn't quite work out as he would have liked, as, despite being in the midst of farming land we are in fact sat on top of a 20ft rubble pile.

But not to be outdone, he found himself a sunny corner, and has cultivated a small area for potatoes and tomatoes and has had a go at growing everything else in pots ,with HUGE success.

We have Cavollo Nero, "proper" Broccoli, Cauliflowers, Leeks, Courgettes (some other green things but we aren't quite sure what yet , maybe cabbage) Chard, Tomatoes and Potatoes.

There are Pear and Apple Trees planted up in tubs, looking lovely and healthy and hopefully ready to fruit next year.

All in all 10/10 - watch this space for recipes !!!!

P.S - it would be remiss of me not to mention the most amazing display of planters and baskets that have sprung up all around the Cabin and The Studio ... not forgetting Andrews favourite Fuchsia's planted into every available spare, pot and bucket !!!!!

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