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We had a conversation about Andrew feeding the birds before we moved.

It's lovely to have the finches, robins, and blackbirds, along with a couple of wandering pheasants, regularly feeding at the bird table.

This morning, however, we became Starling Central - someone let slip that Andrews is feeding the birds again.

The noise was deafening, but it is, however, a spectacle to behold.

this is only half the pack.

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Joanne Eastope
Joanne Eastope
15 mars 2021

It's a truly amazing sight. When I was working in France, we used to stay at a hotel on the canal front. Every night the tree would fill with thousands of small birds Every morning each if us would be waiting at our respective window, doors thrown wide and wait for the signal. It would begin with one or two fluttering from tree to tree. Like advance messengers passing on an order. Then whoosh!! The whole lot would take flight. The noise was deafening, the calls and the movement of all those tiny feathers. A beautiful aerial ballet as the murmuration twisted and pivoted making the most amazing patterns in the sky. A true joy to experience and an ama…

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