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Bathtime .. oh wait, we don't have a bath !!!!

Andrew loves a bath - he would disappear with a glass of wine and quietly contemplate nothing until the water (and the dinner) was cold.

When we did the Pro's and Con's list, the only real Con was that the Cabin doesn't have a bath.

"Oh it will be fine" I said.

"Showers are good for your circulation" I said.

"Think of all that time you will save" I said.

and to be fair to Andrew, he went with it. And he rarely moans. There is the odd suggestion of how nice a tin bath on the veranda would be, but until he finds a suitable method of filling and emptying it, that doesn't involve me and a bucket, it can remain a dream.

Over the holidays I decided to offer Andrew a foot spa !!!...

I have had so many amazing reports on the Neals Yard bath salts, especially the Lavender ones, that I bought some before Christmas, just because I thought they would be good to have as stock.

Then someone mentioned soaking your hands in them before a hand pampering session, so I thought , why not feet !!!

Armed with my clean fluffy towel, my Lavender bath salts and some Comfrey and Mallow Foot Cream, I was only missing a tub. I maybe should have worked on this problem first !!...

My first thought was washing up bowl... we don't have one.

Second thought and probably the most sensible was the mop bucket ..... its got the mop in

Third the pan !!!.. The huge heavy Gateware pan, (it's a prop before anyone thinks it what I cook the Pheasant Casserole in !!) That will do nicely.

And so it came to pass, that when Andrew's feet were submerged into the hot, lavender scented water, if he shut his eyes, he could have been in the bath !!!.

An hour of foot pampering later, the very relaxed looking A made me think I might just schedule in a time for my own soak.

For more information on the Lavender Bath Salts and the Comfrey and Mallow Foot Cream, don't forget to follow the link .... HERE

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