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A re-discovered treasure......

I think it was my 18th, but it may have been my 21st ... Mum and Dad bought me an Early's of Witney handmade quilt. I loved it.

It has travelled with me to my various different homes, sometimes making an appearance, but more oftentimes, left in the blanket box in favour of something new. I am a hoarder of blankets, quilts and throws, whether for the bed or the sofa's and things most definitely go in and out of fashion.

When we agreed on the move to The Ranch deciding what "theme" or "style" to use throughout became a serious challenge.

With lots of wood, I thought maybe keeping to neutrals might be the way to go, but the morning of the first day, the mattress landed on top of the bed, the sheets went on and the only thing that looked right was the quilt.

Pulled from the bottom of the blanket box, soft muted shades of blues, pales greens, pinks and magentas, It felt as at home as I did. A beautifully soft, weighted cotton quilt, it sits perfectly, keeps us toasty warm, and is still one of my most treasured gifts. (Mum, if you are reading this, I know you rolled your eyes and said, really..... but yes,really, it looks fab !!!)

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